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CYF Fitness™ Pushup Board v2.0

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Want to gain strength & get ripped without hitting the gym?

  • Signing up for a fitness center membership is not a sound option for everyone.
  • Aside from having a hefty price tag, gym affiliation can be a hassle to maintain due to busy schedules and different factors beyond your control.
  • Workout equipment, which can be used in the comfort of your home, is a good alternative.
  • Choose something that is not only compact and simple but also effective and efficient!

Gain muscles and lose weight wherever you need to be with this CYF Fitness™ Pushup Board System v2.0!

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Engage All Upper Body Muscles & Get Faster Results

All the determination in the world for a nice summer body means absolutely nothing if you're not doing workouts & exercises properly. And it can be tough!

Why bother with bulky gym machines when you can attain similar results with our sleek and travel-friendly workout board system.

CYF Fitness&Co. Casal Fitness Trainer

It features targets in different colors, allowing you to activate specific muscles

(Shoulders, Back, Triceps and Resistance Bands-triceps&more).

1.Different Color Targets

2.Different Color Targets

  • Whether you’re an exercise newbie or a professional athlete, this multifunctional  workout system is perfect for you. By using it to do plyometric or calisthenic exercises for at least 30 minutes a day, it’ll help you burn fat and gain firm muscles!
  • Another thing to rave about this compact fitness center is it comes with skin-safe and durable resistance bands - something you won’t get from competitors!
  • The high polymer materials we used in making this push-up board are guaranteed eco-conscious, too.
High Quality Push-Up Board v2.0

      Why You Need It?

      ✅ 10x More Results, Same Effort: When you hit those efforts on correct places and forms the results show up on itself

      ✅ Train whole upper body with one instrument: Save your time and still hit the whole upper body with this only instrument

      ✅ No more injuries or sprains: This pushup board corrects your form and no matter what drastically reduce the chances of injuries.

      ✅ Perfect for all fitness levels: Whether you want a muscular body or you just want to look good in that outfit, this works all well.

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