CYF Fitness™ EMS Hip Muscle Stimulator

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Engage All Body Muscles & Get Faster Results

All the determination in the world for a nice summer body means absolutely nothing if you're not doing workouts & exercises properly. And it can be tough!

Our brand made of high quality Polyurethane(PU) material,close to your skin,good touching feeling and non-toxic.

This powerful device will improve and tone Ab muscles while decreasing body fat, tightening abs and giving your core more definition.

Muscle Training Body Shape & Helps relieve symptom for tighten shoulder, waist and back Massage effect, muscle stimulation and fat burning Betterment of muscular paralysis Exercise muscular by impetus for relieving fatigue and stress dissolution Power Source: Batteries (NOT included).

Uses EMS Technology

Why You Need It!

✅EMS Trainer can help you tone, tighten and firm your hips and
buttocks that you've always wanted! With U shape pad for hips.

✅Self-training at home, in the gym and office.

✅Ergonomic pad design enables great adhesiveness to the hips.

✅Electrical stimulation of the gluteal muscles

 Muscle Trainer

More Info About Muscle Trainer:

Exercise muscles - exercise abdominal muscles, arm muscles,
waist muscles, leg muscles and other parts, up to muscle shaping
effect. Such as six muscle belly, mermaid line and so on.

Thin - the role of the human muscles, stimulate the muscle nerve,
the pulse of the movement of the signal to the muscles, to promote
the muscle to complete the contraction movement, energy-
consumption, burning too much fat, so as to achieve weight loss.

Muscle strength - muscle in a period of time for high-intensity
training, arm strength, leg strength and waist strength will gradually
decline, the use of fitness can maintain muscle activity, so that the
state of muscle energy full, the power will not decay.


1. For first time use, please try the low intensity to adapt the device, later you can try the a higher intensity level. 

2. Device will turn off automatically after 12 seconds, if you don’t do anything. 

3. Please re-cover the adhesive pads with protective layer after workout, to prevent adhesive pad from drying. 

Operation steps

Operation steps:

1. Slide the battery cover off  
2.Install 2PCS AAA battery correctly 
3.Attach the device onto the hips pad 
4.Remove the storage sheet 
5.Position the hips pad onto your hips
6.Press the ON/INC button to turn on 
7.Press the program to choose your modes 
8.Press the ON/INC button to increase intensity or OFF/DEC button 
to decrease the intensity
9.Flex and enjoy.

How To Use!

1. Open the battery cover, insert 2pcs batteries.

2. Put the device on the gel pad by the snap on button.

3. Put the electrode pad on your body.

4. Push the ON button to start, then select Mode by pressing the “PROGRAM” button repeatedly. Every time you press the “PROGRAM” button a different LED will light up indication one of the 5 programmed exercise routines. Choose the program as your desired.

5. Push the ON/INC button several times to carefully increase the intensity. You will notice a tingling sensation prior to the muscle contracting. Once the muscle is contracing it will be peasant and relaxing.
Adjust the intensity according to your comfort level You should feel a strong but comfortable contraction of the muscle.

The intensity has 10 steps. With every push of the button ON/INC you increase the intensity by one step, with every push of the button OFF/DEC you decrease the intensity by one step.

6. To switch the unit off, press the OFF/LOW button several times, until the LED lights go off.


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