PushUp Exercises

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PushUp Exercises

About PushUp Board & PushUp Exercises

Thank you all for reaching out, we got lot of messages asking about Push-up Board & Push-up exercises🏋️‍♀️..
➡ Does Push-up board come with suggested workout programs?
➡ If there is a program I can work out with?
➡ What our recommendation on push-up program for beginners!
Yes, there is a single page included coming with our product that has suggested exercises and a workout calendar on it.
The recommended daily plan is as follows: -
10 shoulder width push ups
10 diamond push ups
10 wide push ups
10 decline push ups
Do 5 sets of each and have a 20 second break in between each.
This will build more muscle and strength, Than just banging out 600–700 push ups a day.You can do push ups with your knees touching the floor or you can do them in plank position.
Notice how you feel. If you are feeling super tired after the first round, then diminish the amount of sets.

It’s all about learning to listen to the body.

Warm regards,

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